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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: A-C

shiny, big jewelry

She’s wearing a lot of bling today.


Word List: A-C

when someone’s face turns red mostly from being shy or from embarrassment

Katie blushes every time the football captain looks at her.


Word List: A-C

something that is not true

They said that Nancy got into a fistfight with Mary, but that’s bogus.


Word List: A-C

failed or became a disaster

Unfortunately, my chemistry experiment bombed, so now I have to start all over.


Word List: A-C

what you say when you do better than your friends and you want everybody to know it

Hey … I aced my history exam! ------- Booyah!

born (to be born)

Word List: A-C

be brought into life -- the correct way to say 'born' -- not 'I born'


Nancy:  Where were you born? 

Salvador:  I was born in Mexico.

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bottom line

Word List: A-C

the last and most important part of the information you are trying to say

I’m working overtime, and I need to eat a little. I also need to get gas. Bottom line, I can’t be at the theater until 8.


Word List: A-C

showing off things about yourself or things you have


Suzy:  Did Raquel tell you she got a new iPhone?

Michelle: Are you kidding?  Of course, but I hate when she always brags!

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brain fog

Word List: A-C

when you're tired and not able to think clearly

I'm panicked! I have a big test coming up, and I've got brain fog.

brain freeze

Word List: A-C

when you too quickly drink or eat something that is extremely cold, and you feel it in your temples

Oh shoot ... I just ate my ice cream too fast, and I'm having a brain freeze!