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an earned educational title that enables one to teach at university level

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don't go there

Word List: Short Sayings A-D

do not say anything more about that particular subject


Leticia:  Can you believe what the President said yesterday?  

Herbert:  Don’t go there, please. You know that I don’t like to talk about politics.  

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doom and gloom

Word List: Short Sayings A-D

a bad situation causing a 'giving up' feeling

When the economy is down, there can be much doom and gloom.

doubled over laughing

Word List: Short Sayings A-D

laughing so hard that you have to bend over

They were doubled over laughing after hearing lots of really funny jokes.


Word List: Short Sayings A-D

a silly expression indicating that you made a simple mistake

I just did the wrong assignment by accident – doy!

drag/a drag

Word List: Short Sayings A-D

something that brings you down or makes you get a little depressed

It's such a drag that my dad won't let me go to the party on Friday night. 


Word List: Short Sayings A-D

beating a drum really fast, often used to get the attention of an audience before making an announcement

Can I have a drumroll please?

duke it out

Word List: Short Sayings A-D

argue or physically fight about something

Tran and Chang were both dancing with the same pretty girl.  The next thing I knew they were dukin’ it out!