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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: S-Z

a strange person

What a weirdo! He’s always making crazy sounds.


Word List: S-Z

a large marine mammal

When you visit Southern California, I highly recommend going whale watching during the season.

what if's

Word List: S-Z

things that could have been

You can’t live your life thinking about the 'what if’s.' Just move forward!


Word List: S-Z

someone's current location

Has anyone heard from Charley lately?  I'm concerned because I don't know his whereabouts.


Word List: S-Z

something huge

I rarely get a headache, but today I have a whopper of a headache.

wild child

Word List: S-Z

a young person who often acts a little crazy

Sheila would be considered a wild child. Her mom is always having to calm her down because she’s constantly running around wherever we go.


Word List: S-Z

2 people or 2 groups both benefiting from doing something

Giving money to help people in need is a win-win. It helps others improve their lives, and it makes you feel good about yourself. 


Word List: S-Z

taking advantage of a paraticular time period

There’s a 2-week window to buy the computer that you’ve been lookin' at recently, and then the sale will be over.  If I were you, I'd get it right away.

wing it

Word List: S-Z

doing something without any preparation or without having everything you need with you

I forgot my notes, so it looks like I’ll be winging it during my presentation.


Word List: S-Z

unable to make up your mind about something

My friends are always wishy-washy about what they want to do on weekends.