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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: S-Z

something that has aged and is currently of good quality

My dear friend gave me a bottle of vintage wine that’s worth $250. (or) I love to shop at vintage clothing stores!


Word List: S-Z

a word that means “Look at what I’ve done. It’s a success!”

Voila!  The decorations on the cake are finished, and everything looks beautiful.


Word List: S-Z

a large amount of money (that could fit into a person’s hand)


Tim:  Did 'ya' see Robert?  He had a wad of money in his hand.  

Frank:  Maybe he won it in Vegas!  

Tim:  Ha ha ...I doubt it.

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wake-up call (1)

Word List: S-Z

asking someone to wake you up, usually at a hotel


Front Desk:  Would you like a wake-up call? 

Frank:  Yes, at 7am please.

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wake-up call (2)

Word List: S-Z

a realization that what you are currently doing needs to be changed

Getting that speeding ticket and having to pay so much money for the fine was a real wake-up call.  Now I always drive the speed limit.


Word List: S-Z

very crowded without any more room

Let’s get 'outa' here. This place is packed with wall-to-wall people!


Word List: S-Z

crying with lots of tears (good or bad)

She really turned on the waterworks when she heard the good news.  (or)   Billy's got a 'lotta' waterworks goin' on. What's wrong Billy?

way better

Word List: S-Z

much, much better

My new cell phone is way better than the one I used to have.


Word List: S-Z

a strange person

What a weirdo! He’s always making crazy sounds.


Word List: S-Z

a large marine mammal

When you visit Southern California, I highly recommend going whale watching during the season.