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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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VIP – Very Important Person

Word List: Spoken Abbreviations & Acronyms

someone who is given special attention and privileges because of his/her social status


Husband:  We’re on the VIP list at the best club in Vegas.

Wife:  Wow ... How did you pull that off?

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VOD – Video on Demand

Word List: Spoken Abbreviations & Acronyms

a service through television or personal computers that allows users to choose among a variety of video content, often with a one-time fee or a paid subscription


Son:  Mom, why did you block my VOD access?

Mom:  As soon as you bring your grades up, we'll unblock it.

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VoIP -- Voice over Internet Protocol

Word List: Spoken Abbreviations & Acronyms

a system that allows you to make telephone calls through an Internet connection

My VoIP service is much less expensive than a traditional telephone line.

WASP – White Anglo-Saxon Protestant

Word List: Spoken Abbreviations & Acronyms

generally refers to an upper class of people whose privilege is linked to their birth-right

Harvard College is historically one of several, favored, undergraduate schools for the WASP elite.

WWW – World Wide Web

Word List: Spoken Abbreviations & Acronyms

more than a billion pages of specially-formatted content that is linked together and accessible through a web browser

Most of the information for this assignment can be found on the WWW.