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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Really? (2)

Word List: Groups By Similar Meanings

duh, no kidding, oh yeah? really? tell me about it, 'ya' don't say, 'ya' think?,

a response to someone who states the obvious -- It’s first-come, first-served for the free dinner, so we’d better get there early. 'Ya' think?

run into

Word List: Groups By Similar Meanings

bump into, meet by chance, meet out of the blue, run into,

when you see somebody that you were not expecting to see -- I bumped into my math teacher at the mall, and we ended up talking for a few minutes.


Word List: Groups By Similar Meanings

creepy, frightening, gives me the chills, scary,

something that makes you afraid or nervous -- Creepy Halloween movies give me the chills!

screw up (1)

Word List: Groups By Similar Meanings

fu** up (Really Bad Words), mess up, screw up

thinking and acting in mostly negative ways (or) disagreeing with rules -- Ever since the breakup, she’s been a little screwed up. (and)  We can’t use our cell phones in class?  That is so messed up, man!


Word List: Groups By Similar Meanings

ah nuts, argh, bummer, cra* (not so nice), crud, d'oh!, da** (not so nice), darn, darnit, dogonit, drat, for cryin' out loud, for God's sake, for goodness sake, for Pete’s sake, frick, (ah) gee, gee whiz, golly (go lly), good grief, gosh darn, man oh man, (ah) nuts, oh well, poo-poo, (ah) rats, sh** (really not so nice), (ah) shoot, (ah) shucks, shuckaroos, shuckers, son of a gun,

used in negative situations to mean you don’t like something or what someone does -- Shucks!  I missed the bus. Now I have to wait 20 more minutes.

shut up

Word List: Groups By Similar Meanings

be quiet, don't tell, keep it a secret, keep quiet, lock it, put it in your pocket, shhh, shut up, zip it,

Don't tell Mark about the surprise party; keep it a secret.



Word List: Groups By Similar Meanings

childish, corny, crazy, goofy, juvenile, silly, stupid,

acting in a childish way -- Sometimes Joshua acts corny when he is with his guy friends. (and)  You're so silly ... What's making you guys giggle so much?


Word List: Groups By Similar Meanings

bright, brilliant, clever, intelligent, sharp, smart,

very knowledgeable -- My mentor is really sharp.  She helps me a lot.


Word List: Groups By Similar Meanings

bizarre, crazy, crazy weird, different, different from the norm, freaky, funny, odd, off-centered, peculiar, quirky, strange, weird,

a person or thing that is very different or unusual --  The guy that sits in front of me in my geology class is 'kinda' weird.  Sometimes he makes funny noises while the teacher is lecturing.

super happy

Word List: Groups By Similar Meanings

delighted, ecstatic, jazzed, super happy, thrilled, very pleased,

feeling really good about something -- I’m soooo ecstatic.  I asked her out, and she said yes!