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gitchy gitchy goo
an expression used to get babies to smile or laugh

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Word List: A-C

getting a 100%

I aced my biology test!


Word List: A-C

a dork who is adorable

Bobby acts 'kinda' strange, but he's really adorkable. 

agree/fundamentally agree

Word List: A-C

having the same opinion as someone else

I agree with you.  Ticket prices can be really expensive.

aha moment

Word List: A-C

when all of a sudden you clearly understand something and it feels good

Yesterday I had an aha moment when I realized that I can get a student discount at certain places when I show my ID.

ahead of

Word List: A-C

before someone

I’m in line right now and there are about 7 people ahead of me, so I’ll call you after I'm done.

aim to please

Word List: A-C

desire to have high expectations

We provide the best service, and we always aim to please our customers.

all about

Word List: A-C

what's inside something


Kate: So what’s your website all about?  

Kathi:  EEE provides conversational English words and phrases for those whose first language is not English.  It’s easy to understand and very helpful.

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Word List: A-C

nervous and anxious at the same time

He always gets antsy when he sees a cop!

Any luck?

Word List: A-C

asking someone if s/he found what s/he was looking for

Any luck in finding your wallet?  I sure hope so.

ask out

Word List: A-C

ask someone to go on a date

Hey!  What about Nancy?  Did you ask her out yet?