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Thanksgiving Toast
one of many toasts (holding up wine glasses) given before eating the traditional Thanksgiving meal in late November to express gratitude for your food, family, and friends

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Word List: No

heck no

Word List: No

I can go with you guys as soon as I clean the pool. ‘Wanna’ help?

Heck no.  I’ll pass.  I’m terribly sorry.  No I don’t.  No I shall not.  No I shan't.  No I won't.  No way Jose. (Spanish name), not so much, nuh-uh, No .. that much I'm sure.

it's no big deal

Word List: No

You need to tell him that you’re sorry.

Bad idea. Forget it. Frankly, I don't care. It wasn’t like that. It’s no big deal. It’s none of your business. It’s not a problem per se. It's not my doing. It's the other way around. Say it ain't so. So what.  

it's not worth it

Word List: No

‘Wanna’ cigarette?

it’s not worth it, no chance in hell (click American Culture, God related-OK), no, no offense (no offense taken; none taken), quite the contrary, one thumb down meaning 'no', that’s (definitely) a no no, that's not good

me neither/neither do I

Word List: No

agreeing with someone else about something you don't like or you don't have


Jeff: I didn't like the food they were serving at the party.

Melinda: Me neither.

Ivan: Neither did I.

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Word List: No

Do you 'wanna' smoke some marijuana?

hell no, I have no idea, nah, nah I'm good, no way.. shape.. or form, nooooo, not, not at all, nuh-uh, Oh God no!, seriously?, You’ve ‘gotta’ be kidding!


Word List: No



Boss:  Let me hear a 'yay' if you'd like to get some pizzas. (7 employees say 'yay')  Any 'nays'?  (4 say 'nay')

Boss: The 'yays' have it.  Pizza it is!

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no way no how

Word List: No

Do you think I should wear this dress to the party?

absolutely not, beats me (I don't know), beats the hell out of me (I don't know), hate it, I give it a nay, it's/that's not 'gonna' (going to) happen, negative, no-no, no way Jose, no way no how, of course not, well yes -- or no .., 'What do YOU think?

No, I'm good thank you,

Word List: No

Would you like to dance?

I'm good, thanks. No, I’m good thank you. No, quite the contrary. No thanks. No.. thanks anyway. Not yet. Sorry ...no offense (no offense taken; none taken).   Well yeah.. no.. I don’t know.

not possible

Word List: No

Can you work for me on Saturday afternoon?

I don’t know, I don’t think so, I 'dunno', I just can't, impossible, No, no way, It's not possible, It's out of the question, It's not ‘gonna’ happen, no can do, Sorry ... no can do.

not really

Word List: No

Do you need me to help you with your research paper?

Gee...I hope not, Hardly...I'm good. She's good on her own. I don't know, no. I got this, I don’t think so, I hope not, I’m good.. thank you, I'm not sure, no thank you, not really, you?