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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: Work & Jobs


Word List: Work & Jobs

Chief Executive Officer -- the highest position in a business organization

I’m still young, but my goal is to become the CEO of a major company.


Word List: Work & Jobs

a person who works in the same company and perhaps the same office as you

My co-workers like to go to the local bar on Friday’s after work. Sometimes I go with them.

cover (for someone)

Word List: Work & Jobs

doing someone's job for a short period of time

Hey John... can you cover for me? I need to make a private call.

dress for success

Word List: Work & Jobs

when a person carefully grooms him/herself and dresses neatly at work to have higher self-confidence and to feel successful on the job

I always dress for success because then I feel more confident in what I do.


Word List: Work & Jobs

a person or a company that provides jobs for people

Walmart is a well-known employer in many parts of the world.

full-time job

Word List: Work & Jobs

generally eight hours per day and five days a week

I’m working as a server until I find a full-time job.

Human Resources/HR

Word List: Work & Jobs

an office where you can find out about and apply for jobs as well as get answers to employment questions

Tomorrow, I’m going to HR to find out what kind of health insurance I can choose if I work for this company.


Word List: Work & Jobs

when an employer decides to discuss a person’s qualifications and job experiences for possible work

I have a job interview on Tuesday.  I hope I do well!


Word List: Work & Jobs

part-time or full-time work

I really love my job!


Word List: Work & Jobs

an image that represents a company

I love the logo for Easy Everyday English.  It was designed by an art professor at Fullerton College.