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Thanksgiving Toast
one of many toasts (holding up wine glasses) given before eating the traditional Thanksgiving meal in late November to express gratitude for your food, family, and friends

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Word List: Shopping


Word List: Shopping

a person who is looking for and/or buying something

In my opinion, the customer service at Nordstrom is always good.

Home Depot

Word List: Shopping

a store that has everything you need to improve your home inside and out

Most major cities in the US have at least one Home Depot store.


Word List: Shopping

when a store holds things that you buy and then allows you to make payments on them until your merchandise is paid for

Right now I have two dresses on layaway, and I hope to pay off the bill in the next couple of months.


Word List: Shopping

a shopping center where you can buy name-brand clothes and other items generally cheaper than in a mall

I always get a good price for designer jeans at outlets.


Word List: Shopping

a place that sells goods

A new store has just opened in the mall. They sell awesome electronic products.

Target (French. pronunciation)

Word List: Shopping

a fun way to say Target to make it sound like it is a more expensive department store


Ted:  Where did you buy that shirt you wore yesterday? It looked pretty cool ...

Mark:  I bought it at Target.  Not bad, huh?

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window shopping

Word List: Shopping

looking at merchandise knowing that you are not planning to buy anything

I don’t have any money, but I would love to go window shopping with you.