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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: Beauty

a blond, a brunette, a redhead

Word List: Beauty

refers to a girl’s color of hair


Sandy:  'Whaddaya' think of Sonia's long hair?

Christopher:  I'm attracted to redheads, and Judy's hair is so hot!

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bad hair day

Word List: Beauty

when your hair doesn’t look the way you want, and things in general may not be going so well

I’m having a bad hair day, and things just aren’t going right today.



Word List: Beauty

short for eyebrows -- the patch of hair on the forehead just above each eye

Do you get your brows waxed or threaded? (or) He raised his brows because he didn't believe his son's excuse.  

buzz cut

Word List: Beauty

a short haircut for guys and girls

I really like Michael’s new buzz cut!  Do you?

dolled up

Word List: Beauty

making yourself (or someone else) look really pretty from head to toe

My little cousin is all dolled up to go to her friend’s birthday party.


Word List: Beauty

a hairstyle that twists hair into braids

Your dreads are incredible!  Who did them?

hot/smoking hot

Word List: Beauty

when a guy or a girl is really good-looking and very sexy (thru someone's eyes)

Wow!  She’s smokin’ hot!   I’m 'gonna' ask her to dance.

look/the look

Word List: Beauty

the fashion or style that is popular at the moment

She likes to wear the latest look when she goes out with her friends.

mani pedi

Word List: Beauty

manicure and a pedicure – getting a treatment and polish for your fingernails and toenails

I need a mani pedi before we go to the pool.  'Wanna' come with?


Word List: Beauty

pulling your hair back with a hair tie or scrunchie

I like to wear a ponytail when the weather is really hot.