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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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... Hell freezes over

Word List: God-Related -- Hell

pretty much never (mostly said in a playful way)


Granddaughter:  Mom is still waiting for you to sell your house and move in with her.

Grandpa:  Tell her she’ll have to wait until Hell freezes over.

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a hell of a …

Word List: God-Related -- Hell


That was a hell of a good game!


Word List: God-Related -- Hell

very difficult

Even though I’m used to it, driving in rush-hour traffic can be hell.

hell of a lot

Word List: God-Related -- Hell

a whole bunch

He’s done a hell of a lot for the preservation of monkeys in China.  He's a good man!

Hell week

Word List: God-Related -- Hell

Often related to school or military training, a week-long series of events that are difficult to get through

I have four exams and a term paper due; this is definitely hell week!      

Hell yes/Hell no

Word List: God-Related -- Hell

definitely yes (or) definitely no


Lee:  Let’s jump into the water and go swimming.

Mariana:  Hell no … it’s too cold!

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Hell, I don’t know. /Hell if I know.

Word List: God-Related -- Hell

I don’t know (with emphasis)


Mom:  Do you know how to put in a new ink cartridge in the printer?  

Dad:  Hell, I don't know.  Ask your son. 

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Word List: God-Related -- Hell

extremely determined and motivated

The employees are hell-bent on getting better health insurance.

How/Where/What/Why in the hell? How/Where/What in the world? What the heck?/What the hell?

Word List: God-Related -- Hell

said when someone is frustrated or can't seem to understand a situation

What the hell?  I told you that I was saving the pizza for my lunch, and you ate all the rest of the slices!

living hell

Word List: God-Related -- Hell

an extremely painful situation

I have a really bad sore throat, and I have to give a speech today.  Unfortunately, there's no way out of it. It's 'gonna' be a living hell.