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gitchy gitchy goo
an expression used to get babies to smile or laugh

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at hand

Word List: Short Sayings E-K

the job or project you are working on at the moment

We need to concentrate on the job at hand.  We’ll worry about everything else later.

everything in moderation

Word List: Short Sayings E-K

doing things in an average amount, such as exercising, eating, and sleeping

I don’t believe in diets. I prefer to eat a variety of foods, everything in moderation.  

fair and square

Word List: Short Sayings E-K

being honest

He won the game fair and square without any cheating. 

figured as much

Word List: Short Sayings E-K

that’s what I thought


Laura:  Where’s Robert?  

Carol:  Oh he’s outside checking to see if his new car is safe.  

Laura:  Oh …I figured as much!

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fill (someone) in

Word List: Short Sayings E-K

give someone information about what is going on

Let me fill you in on the details of our trip.

for the record/just for the record

Word List: Short Sayings E-K

wanting something to be formally known

Just for the record, we’ve been to Disneyland ten times, so let’s go to Magic Mountain this time.

from the get-go

Word List: Short Sayings E-K

since the very beginning

From the get-go, we knew this was going to be a great project. (and) I knew from the get-go that their relationship would not last long.

get ahold of

Word List: Short Sayings E-K

reaching someone that you need to talk to

I need to get ahold of Joe. He's got some of my tools, and I need them back.

girls' night out

Word List: Short Sayings E-K

when girls go out somewhere without any guys

My sister makes sure she has a girls' night out once a month.

glass half full/half empty

Word List: Short Sayings E-K

expresses a person’s viewpoint on things and whether it is positive or negative


Angela:  Do you tend to see things as half full or half empty?  

Annie:  I see the glass half full, so I guess I’m a pretty positive person.

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