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Please/Thank You/You're Welcome
please? pretty please? pretty please with sugar on top?

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Word List: Hello

'Whatcha' doin’?

Word List: Hello

Well, look who decided to show up!

'Hey ay ay' (Hey dragged out), hey now, 'Watcha' doin'?, Well hello, What’s goin’ on?, ‘Whatcha’ up to?, What's the skinny? 'whatzup'! (what's up)

anybody home?

Word List: Hello

expecting someone you know to be home

Hello … (Is there) anybody home?  (Is there) anybody here?  (Is there) anybody around? Hey, am I interrupting anything? Knock, knock, knock.. Hello? (while opening door)

hey 'ya'

Word List: Hello

Well look who’s here …

hey, hey fellows, hey ‘ya’, hi-‘ya’, hola (Spanish), howdy, nice to see you, welcome, What's new?

Hey man ...

Word List: Hello

Hey! I haven’t seen you for a while.

Good to see you, hey man.. Hey bro.., Hey you, Hi there, How ‘ya’ doin’?,  'Wadov' you been up to?


Word List: Hello

This is my son, Billy.

(It's) good to meet you, Hello (face-to-face), Hello (answering the phone), Hi, Hi sport!, Well hello

What are 'ya' up to?

Word List: Hello

I keep running into you!

How are you?  (...and yourself?)  How 'ya doin'?  How’s it goin'? It's always a pleasure. 'Whadaya wanna' do today?  What are 'ya' up to?  What are 'ya doin'? What’s up? 'Whatup?' Yo - hey.