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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: Music & Dance

air guitar

Word List: Music & Dance

using your hands to pretend to rock out to music with an imaginary guitar

I love playin' air guitar at parties.  It's a blast!


Word List: Music & Dance

a fancy dance in a high-class hotel

Are you going to the ball?  I can’t wait!


Word List: Music & Dance


Let’s boogie!

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break dancing

Word List: Music & Dance

a style of dancing that was mostly “performed” on the streets of New York in the 70’s

You might see people break dancing in some hip-hop clubs.


bring the house down

Word List: Music & Dance

used when everybody loves the performance

The singer totally brought the house down.  It was dynamite!


Word List: Music & Dance

a place to hang out with your friends, to have fun, and to dance to hip music

Hey bro … Let’s hit the clubs tonight!

clubbing (go clubbing)

Word List: Music & Dance

go dancing and/or drinking at lots of different night clubs

I can't wait 'til the weekend!  We're all goin' clubbing on Saturday night.


Word List: Music & Dance

emotional music that contains serious lyrics

Emo music sometimes gets me thinkin' about a lot of the emotional times in my life.

emo radio

Word List: Music & Dance

a station that plays a style of music that has emotional content

My friend likes to listen to emo radio stations, but I don’t because I think it’s 'kinda' depressing.

flash mob/flashmob

Word List: Music & Dance

a group of people who coordinate with each other to perform music or dance in public places, usually for a particular upbeat occasion or a message

I love watching videos of flash mobs.  I really 'wanna' be part of one someday.