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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: Higher T-V


Word List: Higher T-V

something that is very inappropriate to say or do

My parents believe that using cuss words on the Internet should be taboo.


Word List: Higher T-V

dressing in a way that is not very tasteful and that looks bad

She dresses 'kinda' tacky, don’t 'ya' think?

telltale sign

Word List: Higher T-V

some kind of information that presents itself to help us know or understand something

His wedding ring is a telltale sign that he is a married man.


Word List: Higher T-V

an idea about something that has not yet been proven

She has a theory about why Professor Jones didn’t show up to our last class. We’ll see what happens.

think outside the box

Word List: Higher T-V

using your brain to come up with an idea that is unique or different from the norm

We need fresh, new ideas.  Let’s try thinking outside the box.


Word List: Higher T-V

something that requires a lot of time to do or to make

Building a website is very time-consuming.

tit for tat

Word List: Higher T-V

getting back at someone for what s/he did to you

The boy threw a baseball at the little girl. It didn't hurt her, but she got back at him by kicking his leg.  Her parents called it a tit for tat.


Word List: Higher T-V

when someone makes a good, contrasting point to what someone else has said or done

We were playing chess last night, and I made a really good move.  My opponent almost immediately made an even better move saying, "Touché!"


Word List: Higher T-V

doing one thing instead of another that may or may not be what you really wanted to do

My boss offered me evening hours in place of my day schedule.  It’s a good trade-off 'cause there are a lot of things I can do during the day.

train of thought

Word List: Higher T-V

what one is thinking and/or talking about, one idea after another

Oh shoot; I lost my train of thought.  What was I saying?