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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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PLEASE -- please

Word List: Please/Thank You/You're Welcome

being polite about something

Please tell me your first name … and your last name, please?


Server:  Would you like anything else? (in a restaurant)

Guest:  Yes … Can you bring us the dessert menu, please?  

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PLEASE -- pretty please

Word List: Please/Thank You/You're Welcome

please? pretty please? pretty please with sugar on top?


Daughter: Can we go to the ice cream store after school?

Mother: Let me think about it...

Daughter: Pretty please?

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THANK YOU -- much obliged

Word List: Please/Thank You/You're Welcome

Gracias. I appreciate it. I'm touched. Much obliged. Thank you for having me. Thank you for having us. Thank you for your consideration. Thank you for your patience. Thank you God. (an expression, often said to yourself) Thank you guys. Thank you very very much. That's so nice of you. Why thank you.


Ted:  We can give you a ride ...

Barry:  Much obliged.

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THANK YOU -- thank goodness

Word List: Please/Thank You/You're Welcome

I’m forever grateful. Thank goodness. Thanks again for all your help. Thanks ever so much.


Doctor:  I’m pleased to report that the surgery was successful, and your son will soon be completely healthy.  

Father:  Thank goodness!

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THANK YOU -- thank you so much

Word List: Please/Thank You/You're Welcome

I truly appreciate it. Much appreciated. Thank you for your hospitality. Thank you my friend. Thank you so much ... we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Thank you very much. Thanks. Thanks a bunch. Thanks a lot. Thanks ever so much. Thanks so much. You're so kind.


Server:  Here's a coupon for a free dessert the next time you dine at our restaurant.  

Guests:  Thank you so much!

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THANK YOU -- thanks a million

Word List: Please/Thank You/You're Welcome

I can't thank you enough, thank you, thank you ever so much, thanks a million, thanks again, thanks for having me, thanks guys, thanks y'all


Auto Mechanic:  I finally figured out what was wrong with your car, and I fixed it.  You’re good 'ta' go.

Car owner:  Thanks a million young man!  

Auto Mechanic:  Don't mention it, sir.

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Thank you. (Thank you.)

Word List: Please/Thank You/You're Welcome

said when letting the other person know that thanking YOU is more important


Betty: Thank you so much for helping me fix my computer.  

Manny: No. Thank YOU. I like figuring out technical issues with computers.

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YOU'RE WELCOME -- glad I could help

Word List: Please/Thank You/You're Welcome

(I'm) glad I could help, no problem, think nothing of it, you're quite welcome, you're so welcome, you’re very welcome, you're welcome


Homeowner:  We appreciate all you did for us, especially moving our furniture to the new house.  

Mover:  ... glad I could help.

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YOU'RE WELCOME -- my pleasure

Word List: Please/Thank You/You're Welcome

always a pleasure, it was my pleasure, it’s my pleasure, my pleasure, the pleasure is (all) mine, you bet, you got it


Guest:  You have a beautiful home; thanks for letting me use your guest room last night.

Homeowner:  My pleasure, Dr. Palmer.

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