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Thanksgiving Toast
one of many toasts (holding up wine glasses) given before eating the traditional Thanksgiving meal in late November to express gratitude for your food, family, and friends

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Word List: Words in 3’s

alright alright alright

Word List: Words in 3’s

associated with actor Matthew McConaughey from the film Dazed and Confused


Lisa:  Give me your best Matthew McConaughey impersonation.

Ben:  Alright, alright, alright.

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bam bam bam

Word List: Words in 3’s

the sound used to describe a series of gunshots

Then, out of nowhere, I heard bam, bam, bam from across the street.  It really scared me ...

blah blah blah

Word List: Words in 3’s

used to substitute actual words because an explanation is getting too long and unimportant


Anette:  How was your weekend?

Jimmy:  I had to work because someone called in sick, and the whole shift was terrible, and – blah, blah, blah; you know how it goes.

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day, after day, after day

Word List: Words in 3’s

used to emphasize that the repetition many go through day by day can feel senseless

I just get up and go to work day, after day, after day. Maybe I should find a way to go back to school ...

decisions, decisions, decisions

Word List: Words in 3’s

usually used in a playful way when some type of choice needs to be made

Do you think I should order the cheesecake or the fudge brownie?  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

ding ding ding

Word List: Words in 3’s

a fun way to show that you did something correctly or you got the right answer


Dad:  OK, so I'm 'gonna' quiz you.  How many US states are there?

Son:  Fifty.

Dad:  Ding, ding, ding  

Son:  Come on, dad ... That was too easy!

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EEE – Easy Everyday English

Word List: Words in 3’s

the name of an awesome website that has word lists of American English conversational words and phrases

My conversations with native speakers are getting better.  I give much credit to easyeverydayenglish.com. where I can look up conversational words and phrases that have simple definitions and sentence examples.  Woohoo!

etcetera, etcetera, etcetera

Word List: Words in 3’s

and more information and more details that I left out -- so on and so forth

Don’t forget to put away all your clothes, make your bed, pick up the water bottles, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

gobble gobble gobble

Word List: Words in 3’s

the sound a turkey makes

There' a wild turkey that comes on our property, and sometimes he goes 'gobble, gobble, gobble' all day long.

ha ha ha

Word List: Words in 3’s

said when something is funny when it really isn’t


Shelly:  Nice haircut.  I didn’t know you joined the army.

Joe:  Ha, ha, ha.

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