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Welcome to Easy Everyday English

a ‘lotta’            = a lot of

atcha               = at you

‘cause              =  because

comin’              = coming

didya               = did you

doin’                = doing

‘em                  = them

‘er                   = her

‘fraid not          =  afraid not

goin’                = going

goin’ to            = going to

‘gonna’            =  going to

‘gotta’              = got to

‘hafta’              = have to

hate’m             = hate him/them

how’d               = how did (How’d it go?)

‘im                   = him

‘kinda’              = kind of

love’er             = love her

must’ve            = must have

oughta             = ought to

outta                = out of

rockin’              = rocking (short for -ing)

sayin’               = (or) say’n saying (short for –ing)

s/he                 = she or he

somethin’         = something

sorta’               = sort of

‘ta’                   = to

there’ll be        = there will be

they’re             = they are

‘til                    = until

waddaya           = what do you

wha'd've 'ya'     = what have you  

‘wanna’             = want a    Do you ‘wanna’ a drink of water?

‘wanna’             = want to   Do you wanna ,,,  (or) wanna eat …

w’d                   = we had   We’d better not do that.

who’d’ve           = who would have

would ‘ya’         = would you

wouldn’t ‘ya’     = wouldn’t  you

ya                    = you

ya know           = you know


Examples of in’ =  ing

hangin’            = hanging

keepin’            = keeping

talkin’               = talking

makin’              = making

walkin’             = walking


movin’s difficult        moving is difficult


Other examples


thanx – thanks

one’s (someone’s)



dinosaur – the word is ‘old’ and not spoken much anymore




Note:  These ‘codes’ are conversational only, so when writing, 'spell out' the words.