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thanks a million
I can't thank you enough, thank you, thank you ever so much, thanks a million, thanks again, thanks for..., thanks y'all

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Word List: A-C

accepting something as being true

I believe he is telling us the truth about what happened last night.


Word List: A-C

high-end and flashy

That 'baller' sure has expensive taste! He's always wearing the latest shoes like Jordan's and Gucci. 

clean up (2)

Word List: A-C

pick things up and move them

I need to clean up this mess before we leave.

bust out

Word List: A-C

show off

I'm 'gonna' bust out my skinny jeans for the party!

brain fog

Word List: A-C

when you're tired and not able to think clearly

I'm panicked! I have a big test coming up, and I've got brain fog.


Word List: A-C


Can I crash at your place? I'm too tired to drive.

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