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Thanksgiving Toast
one of many toasts (holding up wine glasses) given before eating the traditional Thanksgiving meal in late November to express gratitude for your food, family, and friends

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bump into

Word List: A-C

unexpectedly see someone you know

That was so cool bumping into our math teacher at the mall. It was a little weird seeing him in shorts.

burn out

Word List: A-C

become so mentally tired after working a long period of time that you want to or have to stop

I’m so burned out! I’ve been studying for finals non-stop all week! (and) After working as a counselor for over 25 years, he’s pretty burned out.


Word List: A-C

believe (or not believe) something you hear or what someone says


Mark:  Jeremy said he could get all of us free tickets for Disneyland!  Do you buy that?

Maria:  I don’t because he always talks big, but he rarely follows through.

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carry on

Word List: A-C

continue doing what you were doing

We had stopped working on our project when our instructor came to see it. Then he told us to carry on.


Word List: A-C

a small bag or piece of luggage that you can take on the airplane

When I fly, I always have my computer in my carry-on.

catch/a catch

Word List: A-C

finding out that you have to do more than what you were expecting

He thought he was getting a really good deal for his gym membership, but there was a catch.  He had to sign up for a minimum of 3 years to get that good price.

catch up (1)

Word List: A-C

wanting to know what has been happening since you last saw someone you know

I haven’t seen my friend in a few years, so we really want to catch up on everything.  (and)  Can you catch me up on what happened while I was gone?


Word List: A-C

something that a few people say which becomes popular by many, quickly

That’s a catchy phrase; I think I’ll use it.


Word List: A-C

not liking to spend money on much of anything

He’s so cheap that he always orders from the $1.00 menu.

chew out

Word List: A-C

yell at someone for something big

My boss chewed me out for coming to work late too many times.

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